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Professional Farm & Property Services

Florida Land & Fence provides custom hay baling services, along with large scale property restoration and agricultural fence catered to our customers’ needs. We serve customers throughout Central Florida and surrounding areas.
Our team has years of experience in a variety of agriculture, farm, & property services, offering our clients a more than qualified solution to complete any task.

Need Land or Fence Services?

Florida Land & Fence strives to provide a variety of professional agriculture and property services to fit all of our clients’ needs.
We have the equipment, team, and experience to complete any size project relating to our specific industries.
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Property Restoration

Property restoration consists of a variety land & agriculture solutions, such as brush removal, material spreading, land clearing, pasture seeding & broadcasting, along with many other related services.
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Agriculture Fence

Agriculture fence can be installed with a variety of materials based on the customers’ needs.
Additionally, our company can supply matching materials for fence repair, offering a complete solution for your agriculture fencing needs.
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Custom Hay Services

There are a variety of services that go into the hay industry. Our company strives to provide a full-service solution to fit all of our clients’ hay related needs.
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We look forward to serving you in your upcoming property and agricultural projects. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have regarding the services that we offer.

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Experienced, Quality Land & Agriculture Fence Solutions

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